Addendum: supporting the voices that matter

Upon further reflection, I realized how self-indulgent and centered in my own privilege it is to say that I’m not going to talk about Ferguson, and then to go on obliquely talking about it. I’ve realized that trying to maintain some sort of silence, even as an attempt to let other voices be heard, is a privilege in itself. The fact that I’m slowly understanding and grappling with is that it isn’t possible for me not to take up space if this is work I want to be engaged in and this is a struggle that I want to be a part of. And so what I need to do is not try to be silent, but try to use the space that I have to amplify the voices of those who continue to go unheard and redirect energy and attention that I have access to back to the central issues and struggles.

To that end, below are writings and resources that I’ve been seeing around that have both helped me process what’s going on and understand my role as an ally. Also I’ve included direct links to direct ways that people can help.

Statements and Links to Support
1. Statement released by Mike Brown’s family after the grand jury decision.
2. Statement released by Ferguson protesters after the grand jury decision.
3. Twitter account for Ferguson Library, which has stayed open and is working as a safe space/healing space for people in the community, particularly children. Ways to donate found through here/on their website.
4. The donation page set up to help support the family of Tamir Rice.

1. An article on narratives of violence in Ferguson, from ‘Black Girl Dangerous’.
2. A ‘Ferguson Masterpost’ gathering summaries of evidence and responses to common questions/arguments.
3. An article from ‘Black Girl Dangerous’ that came out after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, about the role of non-Black people of colour as allies.
4. An article calling on Asian American communities to engage with anti-racist and anti-white supremacy struggles.


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