A New Asian American Masculinity?

Think of an Asian American man. Now think of adjectives that would normally be used to describe him. There’s probably something in there about intelligence, maybe about his profession. Physical descriptions (if there are any – how often do we talk about Asian American men’s bodies?) might refer to his weight, hair, and if they’re […]

What Violence is ‘Violence’

In the past few months we have been told again and again what counts as violence. When a boy is shot and his body left in the street, that is not violence. When a woman is shot while trying to ask for help, that is not violence. When a man in police custody somehow suffers […]

Like a Local: Belonging and Non-Belonging as a Tourist

I started this blog with a note about belonging, and there’s nothing quite so good as traveling for making you think about where you do and do not belong. I’ve spent the past few weeks making a few trips around China and Europe, visiting family and friends in Beijing and Shanghai followed by a brief […]

Going Away

Just a quick update today to say that I will be traveling intermittently for the next couple of weeks, so might not be posting very much. I’m hoping these trips will give me a lot of writing material though (I’m already sensing that’ll be the case, after only a day or two) so look out […]

Academia and Social Change II: Creation and collaboration

Last week, I wrote about some of the features that exist in academia that make it difficult for academic work to translate into ‘real’ social change. I feel like the impression I gave is of a bunch of well-meaning privileged folks being really ‘concerned’ about social issues, and then moving on to other more pressing […]